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UMC New Product Sheets!

UMC’s drivetrain is purpose built for center pivots and lateral move irrigation systems. Each component is designed to work together as a system in balance. At UMC, we offer the widest range of Irrigation drivetrain products in the industry to provide our customers with the ideal solution for their unique needs.

To help you understand our products and their unique application, UMC has just released new and updated product sheets for our entire irrigation product set! Our new sheets offer more detailed information on all gearboxes, motors and couplers. On each sheet you will find descriptions of the product and its appropriate application, a list of the product’s features and benefits as well as a basic line drawing detailing dimensional data and more. These sheets are a great tool for finding the right product for your specific application.

Please visit for more information or go directly to our Literature Request page to find more downloadable information.